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Portable Notepad2 Project Page and Other...

Submitted by nm35 on April 14, 2006 - 5:51pm

I just got a project page for Portable Notepad2. The URL is

In other news... I finally got something uploaded to my personal space. I used to have a test Drupal installation there; I was toying with various modules. (I still have the files, if they're needed.) Now there's a list of my projects (this will be the definitive list, so keep your eyes on it) with links; there's also a link to my blog and my e-mail address.

Keep your eyes peeled... In about two weeks, you're going to start hearing quite a bit about a few apps I've been working on (I hope! ;)).


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Did you steal it from iFrame?
Or are you paying them?
R McCue

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