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Toucan on Linux & Other Assorted Topics

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on October 11, 2008 - 11:54am

Yes, I know it is more than six months since I last posted, but I thought I would (once again) try to keep you all more informed with what is going on with Toucan, so here it goes Smile

So clearly 2.0 has been released since my last post, along with 2.0.1. 2.0.2 Pre-release 1 is now in testing in the beta forum, you can grab it here. This should fix the majority of the bugs in the 2..0 platform.

So what next? Well here you can see the results of the linux branch of the SVN repository, Toucan now compiles on Linux and runs! Well sort of, very little actually works, but the GUI does display, so it is a start, and far more important than the screenshots from last year as all of the code is there and compiling, it just needs a little work to be functional.

Hopefully next up will be the start of more intelligent Sync code, also I plan an improved Progress Box!

Hopefully I will update you all again soon