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Submitted by nm35 on April 24, 2006 - 6:50pm

Hello all... I'm finally back. Sorry I had to leave.

Here's an update on my projects:

  • Portable Notepad2 0.4 | BETA | Applied for SourceForge hosting
  • PortaShell | Pre-Alpha | Likely to be cancelled, as Steve Lamerton's Libertà will take this over
  • PortaFTP | Pre-Alpha | I'm hoping to do this once I can get a reliable way to use FTP connections with NSIS. Any ideas?
  • Portable RemoteAccess | Pre-Alpha | A tool for users to remotely connect to VLC/RDP connections. Perhaps a collection of a few portable applications, one for each protocol?

If you have an idea for a project you want me to work on, let me know. If I offered to do a project and it's not here, I've probably forgotten about it or cancelled work on it (busy lately, sorry) -- ask nicely and I might work on it some more. Wink


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Im actually working on a method to do this.
R McCue

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