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AutoINF 0.2 Released, Merge with Libertà, and Stuff

Submitted by nm35 on May 8, 2006 - 7:24pm

As you may know, I've released AutoINF 0.2. Find out about it at the forum thread or at PortaSoft. I've also merged my projects (KeyUTIL and AutoINF, possibly Registry Rocker) with Libertà, so downloads are at now.

One serious problem I have here is that there are way too many places I have to update things:

  • In a forum post on
  • In a forum post on PortaSoft
  • In my blog (here)
  • In my blog (on my personal space, though I'm debating removing it)
  • As a download on PortaSoft
  • As a news item on PortaSoft
  • Project page update on
  • Project page update on PortaSoft
  • Project page on my blog (not up yet, and I'm debating removing it)
  • ... Not to mention actually uploading it to, correcting any links scattered around in previous posts, etc.

You get my point. Would anyone have any ideas?