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And So I Say My Farewells....

Submitted by Patrick Patience on October 12, 2009 - 11:39pm

Hey guys, it's me... that guy. I know it's been a while. I've literally abandoned the forums over the past year, not out of spite or anything of course.

Here's my non-chronological story:

Back (oh, man, what was it...?) a good three years ago come this January / Febuary I stumbled upon Just like many of you, I grew up running Windows machines. I was just an average kid who spent too much time on the computer.
One day, my brother had gone out and bought a flash drive and he showed me this cool 'U3' stuff that came on it, and to be honest, I was amazed. Having a flash drive myself (good ol' Kingston) I wanted this U3 thing too, but the software wasn't on my device and I learned there was no way to get it without buying a whole new drive. I spent countless hours scavenging Wikipedia articles and the internets to find something comparable that I could load on my own drive. Finally, the first option I actually found and used was Starting as an average forum user asking *questions that had already been asked* under the handle 'Have Some Patience' I quickly became a part of the community. The community is an amazing one. I've become parts of other online communities of course, but nothing compares to my experience here. It's always a delight to see a user old or new.
Anyways... I was always the one requesting apps until one day nobody seemed to like my idea so I figured, "Hell, I'll try it myself." After spending countless afternoons, evenings, and late nights toying with various issues in my initial 'A Note Portable', I finally produced something that sucked a little less than the rest (seriously, there was *sooo* many obvious issues). From there things just spawned out and I began to eagerly pick up more and more projects.
When John emailed my at the beginning of one boring August and asked my if I'd like to join the development team I was blown away. It honestly felt unreal... I was blown away, amazed, ecstatic. From their on I went on to become a moderator in the forums here, and quickly pushed out more and more official and beta applications.
Thanks to John and the fantastic community here at I began getting more and more involved in the fantastic thing that is open source. I began maintaining and responding to email (which is honestly a joy, BTW), I began active with The OpenDisc project, etc, etc.

Anyways, back last October I purchased an iPhone. There's no specific reason why, besides the fact that I was always an iPod kid and the iPhone had just launcher in Canada and looked uber-cool. Either way it was a massive upgrade from my Sony Ericsson and I fell in love with it. This is exactly around the time my involvement began declining as I discovered great interest in iPhone and Mac development. My interest grew so much so that last Febuary I bought an iMac. Of course the first thing I did was loaded it up with all the Mac open source I knew.
I'm still on my Windows / Linux machine most of the time (and to be honest, I will *never* leave them completely, I love them both for very different reasons. However, I think I've found my niche in the indie Mac and iPhone development world as I head my life down this road.

Unfortunately, as a result of my skewed involvement in so many different areas right now, I've decided I'll have to drop I plan to stick with some other Windows projects I'm in simply because I love it and I love helping the community.

Ever since SourceForge turned off notification emails for releases I've been lazy and haven't followed RSS. I've tried to keep on top of my app updates, but I caught seldom and luckily John's been doing a fantastic job keeping on top of them. If anyone would like to pick up one of my applications, it's all yours. I'm sure John could use the hand. I apologize for taking the role in the release team that never moved, but I simply can't find the time anymore and it seems wasteful to try and back and forth so many things.

In conclusion: Thank you all *so very much* for being the AMAZING (seriously) community you have been, I'll miss you all very much.

John: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You're the reason I got into anything programming-related. You're the reason I discovered the awesomeness that is open source. These are things that have shaped my life and will most definitely stick with my on my career path and throughout my life. You helped me tremendously, and it's amazing work you do here (and an incredible amount for just one man). Thank you again, it's been great, and I'm sorry to have to leave.

Everyone: Please pitch in where you can. John's still running quite the one man show for the most part, so I'm sure any support you can give him will help quite a bit.

If you're ever frantic and need some Patience in your life, hit me up on the Twitters: - Beyond that, most of you know me email *cough*userpage*cough* so hit me up for whatever reason.

I'll also make an effort to drop my IRC frequently to chat. I know my visits in past months haven't lasted any more than 18 seconds.

On that note: The logs will continue to run, and anyone hosting on my server can most definitely continue to use it for related purposes (if your using it for other projects, just give me a heads up). I'll also see what I can do in terms of statistics for all of you (seriously).



The first thing I thought when I read the line in the tracker was that it was some kind of joke or something else whose deeper meaning I couldnt grasp at first.

Then I saw the long post and it dawned on me that this was for real. Sad. I was in a similar position but always decided not to end my involvement here.

I hope you read these replies and I hope I can keep using your hosting services as long as pssible. They made my deeper involvement here possible! You did help me a lot becomeing who I am PortableApps-related!

I wish you all the best for your future!

Regards - Simeon

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same here Shock
Guess we'll miss you all, Patrick.

THANK YOU SO MUCH (for everything you've done for us)!

Kind regards from Germany

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It seems to me here that there's quite a good opportunity if you stuck round; you're a known and recognised developer here, know what to do with portability, and if you understand how those crazy Mac contraptions work, great! I've a loosely-formed suggestion that you might be interested in.

Have you thought about the possibility of helping us go cross-platform? You could, for example, take a look at how those FreeSMUG portable applications work and all, improve them, make them work in the Format, possibly help there or whatever, and either gradually deflect that project until it merges here (we'll need a cross-platform menu first though) or start with their sort of work and extend here.

This could bring to being cross platform sooner than might otherwise happen: what we need is someone who knows portability thoroughly (and some history of will be useful there), can program our style of programming competently and Macs thoroughly. It seems to me that you could help a lot with that if you wanted to.

What do you reckon?

And if you do choose to go... well, it's been nice having you, goodbye and good luck with whatever you do Smile

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Our Program Style is also known as spaghetti coding Blum (honestly, ever since I learned C, strcmp felt like throwing a beach ball into a bumblebee hive).

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You've been around for as long as I can remember, and..... I really don't know what to say, so I'll just keep it short:
We'll miss you.

Goodbye Patrick. I wish you the best, and I hope to see you again sometime.

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your really leaving i cant count how many new user you help explain how things work around here
OH and projects don't forget the projects you've helped so many I've lost cout
we'll miss you bye Sad

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bow to me for i am root

goodbye. Sad

we will miss you

it has been a good 2 years 33 weeks with you. (copied the member for: of your profile)

I (and a lot of others i bet) wish you good luck with whatever you do

2 years and 13 weeks ago I joined this forum, and I remember how different it was. It was somewhat of a smaller tighter community. And I remember that back then you were already a star. During these years I saw the forums change a lot, especially in these last months. John started accepting collaborators... the community grew to accept tightly more and more people... the members themselves changed...

Anyway, today is the beginning of a new age and from now on I think we all can guarantee that won't ever again be the same.

I wish you good luck, and farewell.

Blue is everything.

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Sorry for annoying you on IRC (if that changes anything :P).
BTW, if you really have some time, try volunteering your abilities at Darwine (mwahaha... on a mac }:)).

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Does that mean I can work on XChat? You never did answer my email Blum

Thanks for being here Patrick, thanks for your work on all the apps, and thanks for the hosting for all us users who won't get ahold of our own site :D. I wish you well in whatever direction you choose to travel. Just don't forget the way back.

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I think we will still be seeing you around, you did just release an app Wink
Plus, once a PAppsian, always a PAppsian,

All the best to you Patrick,

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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All the best to you...

And thank you for everything...

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to ya from a user. It was always good to read up on what you were developing on and working out the bugs.

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I haven't been here very long, just a few months, but I've already realized how important you've been to never had the pleasure of knowing you personally, but I'm still sad to say goodbye...

Wish you luck wherever you go, especially in Mac development - must be a whole new world over there...

Goodbye and good luck my friend, hopefully you'll still come around here sometimes...

Best wishes,

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