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Submitted by OliverK on October 24, 2009 - 3:01pm

Hi guys. I've been saying I'll update this or that that. I'm making a post so people can correct me if I'm wrong or if I've forgotten anything.

lately, I've been making some userbars. And siding. And doing school. I emailed John about the user bars, but it seems I shall have to hunt him in IRC. Or twitter him . . . .

K, for what you guys really care about.

Since the freeware rollout, I've been updating Screamer Portable. I finally tracked down the bug I had, so I'm going to post that shortly. I also updated the binaries :D. Since the license permits it and has begun a rollout of freeware, I'm releasing it in its entirety.

Next on my list is Geany. I need to fix the bugs that Bart found (please let me know if there's a specific app of yours you'd like tested and I'll return the favor). I think there's one other bug that I need to fix.

From there, I'm going to move to CamStudio. Its a delghtful little app that needs the registry and has fun games for me to play. So, that will probably take a little bit.

After I get those done, I'm going to work on XChat. I got permission from Patrick to take over and I want to work on them. They've worked this long, so they should work a little onger :D.

I'm also trying to study to be a CCNA, so yeah, that will take a goodly amount of time. I'm also siding my house so on the days that I"m not at school I'm doing that.

In other words, hang on! The updates are coming! I just have to find time that I can work on them.

In other news, I'm glad Prapper is getting some apps released. I hope Process Explorer and such are next. You might say I'm very attached to them :p.

I've I've told somebody I'g going to do something, I've likely forgot. Please, if I told you something and haven't done it, please please please make a post and let me know.

Regards to all, and I'll see you on the other side.


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believe it or not you are improving some but the lines in the one could be set as a transparency of maybe 25 to possibly 30 for a nicer effect Smile

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau