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Google Spreadsheets

Submitted by justin on June 12, 2006 - 7:40pm

In this post, I will discuss Google's new product, an online spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheets appears to be the ultimate in stand-alone portable spreadsheets. It is still in development (it is listed in the Labs section of Google's site), but it is quite stable and works well on each machine I have tested it on (including a Linux one). You can upload spreadsheets in .xls and .csv formats and edit them easily . These stay on your Google Account storage after you open them, so once uploaded from one computer, you can access them from any computer when you log into your account. Once done editing, you can save it to your Google account and then download it to a location of your choice as .xls or .csv. It preserves all formulas and works well with them. It is miles ahead of the other fonline spreadsheet, AjaxSpread. I would reccommend use of this to anyone.

Google Spreadsheets