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Quick Status Update

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on May 26, 2010 - 3:47pm

Just to let you all know I still exist Wink I have been keeping watch over the forums when I can, things are pretty busy here right now as it is end of year exam time at my university and I am taking part in Google's Summer of Code 2010.

Toucan 3 is nearly finished, I plan to try and wrap it up this weekend and hopefully attach it to the end of the release queue.

Thanks all for your patience! Smile


Just downloaded Toucan version 3.0.2 for Windows. My OS is Windows XP Service pack3.

Looks like a great application.

I'm using it to sync (mirror) a large number of folders and files in multiple levels.

1. When I click on the expand all icon, I expected all levels to be expanded. However, it only expands one level at a time. So if I have 10 levels of sub-folders, I need to click 10 times to see the files in all 10 levels.

2. When I click on Preview, all the folders collapse to the top level in both source and destination windows. None of the files or folders that are to be copied from the source to the destination are shown initially. I have to expand all before I can see the files and folders that are marked for copying or deletion.

3. When I select preview only changes and click preview again, the source window list remains at the top level and the destination window list collapses to the very top level and doesn't show anything below the destination directory. Clicking to expand all does not do anything in this case.

However, the syncing appears to run OK.

I just noticed there is a 3.0.3 beta version available which appears to address the preview function so I'll give it a try.