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Pyromaniac turns to the dark side

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Submitted by Pyromaniac on January 13, 2011 - 9:42am

Well, I guess that would depend on whether your Oliver or Chris Blum

I've used PAL now to make all my portable apps at first because I wanted to get an official release. Now, though, I've used it so much, I have to say, good job chris (and all you contributors).

I think this has to be one of the most complex, open source NSIS program out there (well, in terms of functions and such).

I was checking out the SF site for portable apps yesterday and I saw ya'll have about 100,000 downloads of PAL.

But only 20 or so new developers?

I started working on some additions to PAL. Not big ones, and probably any experienced developer could do it in half the time (they include FileBackupDelete and DirectoryBackupDelete and another one which I'm not sure what to call yet)

So, yeah. Look for it in a few months or so. As you might know, I'm oober busy atm.

I'd also like to see some sorta video tutorial, explaining the basics of making portable apps (such as interpretting regshots and knowing what settings to handle and how to handle them). It would definitely reduce the amount of repeated questions in the forum.

I'd make it myself, but my computer doesn't play nicely with screen recorders Sad


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You don't need DirectoryBackupDelete; use a [DirectoriesMove] line with the key -, as noted in the manual. There is currently no equivalent in [FilesMove] due to the different syntax (as the value is only the target directory and doesn't include the filename, unlike [DirectoriesMove]). I've still got to think more about how it's best to deal with that case.

If you come up with something good for PAL, please tell me and I'll take a look at it. (Do you want a list of some of the things for improvement/implementation?)

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Do you want a list of some of the things for improvement/implementation?

yes, por favor.

Hmm... I seem to be one of the other 99,980 who have downloaded it and probably one of the 1,000 who are still unofficial devs of PA.c.

The Days of App-Ness are helping, but not that fast. I just happened to develop the two dependency categories (.NET and Java), which make my chances of a release in the next year almost nil.

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