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Submitted by Pyromaniac on March 17, 2011 - 7:10pm

If you might not have noticed, I haven't been posting new development tests lately.
My ever-growing list of portable apps has paused. What does that mean? It either means that Angel I'm tired of making portable apps, (b) I've got to much stuff on my hands, (c) I'm making a new super-awesome app that will blow your minds away, or (d) Both (b) and (c) are happening.

And the answer is... you guessed it: (a)!


Just kidding, it's (d).

I'm still working on that giant research paper as well as trying to ballance out my grades in school. Also, in my last blog post, I said I was making a proxy app competing against UltraSurf. And I'm glad to say it's coming along. It's turning out to be a lot more work then I originally intended, but that's because I'm coming up with new features I want to add to it every day.

So here's a simplified break down of how it's going to work:

I'm writing an "engine" that will launch with 4 basic parameters: Start, Close, Restart, Cleanup.

Start will backup registry entries and read settings from an INI and write those settings to the registry (if it's not found or not specified, it will write settings to connect to a default server). It can also accept parameters to connect to a custom server, if so specified [eg, Run: "...\engine.exe -start"]. It also copies the file to somewhere and writes a HKCU:Run value with the parameters -cleanup in case that "close" was never used (like in the case of your computer crashing or something).

Close will restore entries and delete any backup files.

Restart will work like start, but it won't create backup settings.

Cleanup cleans up and restores settings modified by Start/Restart so that there is no trace of the engine ever running on the PC. Biggrin

I'm also developing an interface (MUI) that will look all nice and everything and make it more user friendly to the average Joe. I'm open to suggestions, too, if anybody wants me to add a feature or two before it's first beta release, which I'm hoping will be out sometime before now and later.


And I also want to know if perhaps we developers could have our I know it might be some work, but I just think app developers don't really care to respond to people with gmail or yahoo or other email domains so we might be more successful in obtaining permission for apps. Plus, it'd look more proffessional. Any thoughts?


another in-house app!
About the email: It would be nice but somehow I doubt that it will be feasible.

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I'll email you the complete plan some time before the end of the week (probably Sunday).