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Preview PowerProxy 1.0 Beta

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Submitted by Pyromaniac on March 23, 2011 - 8:31pm

It's almost here!
PowerProxy, the app I've mentioned I was developing a couple of times before, is almost done. I've pumped about 25 hours into the project during the past 5 days (thanks to spring break), and it's really coming together.

So what is this PowerProxy?
PowerProxy is this little program that allows you to connect to proxy servers so that you can, of course, get around those annoying web filters, but also for secure browsing such as in public places. It's very small (Screenshots
Of course, what's a preview without some screenshots? Check them out...
First Run
Command Center
Options (pretty much the same as First Run)
Tray Icon

If you didn't notice, the tray icon is invisible (far left, before the arrow). It's not supposed to be like that, though (I still gotta fix that).

Servers, anyone?
If anyone is willing to use their server as a proxy (preferably https:), please email me at [my username][at]gmx[dot]us. I'm very well aware that there are over 40,000 available online, but I want to have one I can trust so that "trusted server" actually means something :P. Originally, I was going to use my friend's VPN but he recently switch hosting providers, and the new TOS don't permit proxy servers.

That's all I got for now. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more! Biggrin