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Goodbye (for now)

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Submitted by Simeon on September 28, 2014 - 6:56am

I was at this point a couple of times, but never took the last step. But now I think its time to say goodbye.
Goodbye everyone (who still knows me) after not posting anything new, coding or taking part in a discussion for almost a year!
It is a sad moment for me, because I was a part of this community since 2006, the days where we had some 10+ apps and not even a platform (if I recall it correctly). We had handcoded NSIS-launchers and when the number of released apps crossed the level of 50, I wondered if the community could grow at the same speed to support the growing demand for questions, help and discussions. After some reading and writing, I did some apps myself, some of them were eventually released as official apps which made me proud.
The communinty grew, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. Some things evolved tremendously like the Platform which has now a built-in updater, an options menu and different stylings. I can even buy sticks with the preinstalled.
Some things remained a recurring issue over time like the lack of donations (I hope I can help with that a bit when I'm starting to work next month) or the Drupal 7 upgrade or the manual translation of the app and support pages which I would have liked to have finished (with the help of MarkoMLM). Maybe I can when I come back.

I thank John T. Haller (especially John!), Ryan McCue, Patrick Patience and Steve Lamerton and all the others who helped me and brought this community to where it is today. I know there are lots of hard working community members who would deserve a place in this list (Gord,the other Patrick, vf2nsr, ottosykora, depp.jones and the two Zachs just to name a few). But I wanted to highlight some older names now that I am about to become a part of this list of long gone members.

I will not forget this community and maybe come back if the need arises for me to use portable apps in the future as it has helped me countless times.

Bye all!

EDIT (09-28-2014):
Forgot to mention my apps. Most of them dont have frequent updates so I hope the community can take them over and they wont be an additional burden on John's shoulders. I will still be available for questions if the need arises.


Farewell Simeon,
you were one of the nice people who took me by the hand when I first came here (years ago now Wink ). Thanks for being patient with my incomprehension and for adding a thoughtful calm to discussions.
Mach's gut!

for the kind words.

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and I your student. I will miss you but hold fondly the time you spent helping me. Hope you still luk here and thanks for your part in helping me be part of this great PortableApps Team If there was a PortableApps Hall of Fame you would be in it!!

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