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Submitted by darksabre76 on December 1, 2016 - 1:21pm

Hello again. 2 years, eh? 2 long years of getting a job, losing that job, then getting a new job. It's been hectic and left me little time to get back to things I really enjoyed. Like PA.c development and packaging. I'm a bit sad that some of my projects haven't been taken over, but I would like to potentially get the ball rolling again. I'll look through and see if any of them have been taken over, update my lists accordingly and try to derust again. Real programming has been a blast but tiring. So much has changed since I left, and I wish I had time to keep up. Thanks to everyone who still uses my outdated apps and here's hoping for an industrious 2017...


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Thanks for the welcome. It's been too long and this was something that I really enjoyed. Regular programming is fun, but this still holds a special place for me. Not to mention I still use PA.c all the time and have the homepage pinned Blum

from me too! Nice to have you back Smile
Do you want to take all your projects back I took over or should I continue? I am fine either way. You can look up the changes I made on GitHub if I made any Wink