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Get more Apps - search field

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Get more Apps - search field

I believe it is the high time to introduce a search field in "Apps\Get More Apps..." menu. There are so many apps in the list that a search query would be extremely useful.

I think it would also be useful to merge all the currently available options in "Apps\Get More Apps..." menu (by category, title, new releases, recently updated) into just one - "Get More Apps" and move/port the selections/filter you can sort by into the window of all the apps instead.

Ken Herbert
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Planned, but not easy

What you are suggesting is impossible with the updater as it is now. It needs to be completely rewritten from scratch in a new language because NSIS just can't do that.

Unfortunately John is basically the only person doing the development, along with updating almost all of the apps and running the business.

So unless you are a software developer, or you know one who is willing to volunteer their time, the updater rewrite plus implementing new features will have to wait until John has the time for it.

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