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Toucan 2.0

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on October 1, 2007 - 11:20am

2.0 is the next major step for Toucan. As well as including a number of much requested features it also includes a complete interface rewrite. There is one main reason that I decided a rewrite was necessary, and that was because Toucan was becoming interface limited. For example translations are fairly difficult in 1.2 because it is a fixed size interface, this has also made it very difficult to add new features, short of changing the sizes of the entire dialogue and all of its components every time I need to add a new one. Because of the the new interface will be properly scalable making it easy for translators and for adding new features.

What’s being added?

- A new easy to use, scalable interface
- A new preview feature for Sync, Backup & Secure
- Wizards to set up common tasks, such as copying Firefox profiles
- Brand new exclusion system allowing exclusions by file name, path, size or date modified. Also using regex's will be supported.
- Linux support
- Improvements to the equalise system
- Basic scripting support, allowing you to string multiple jobs together and perform basic file operations

Not all of those feature will necessarily make it to the final version (although hopefully they should) and I expect other feature will be added. I'll upload some screenshots shortly.


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I think this all should have been one topic Blum
Ryan McCue.
So all that Airbus-delay trouble over here in Europe is because of YOU!

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That will make translations a lot easier and better!
Looking forward to linux support and the wizard for common tasks.

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just found your piece of software. Thanks a lot. I like it a lot.

I've seen that you are currently developing a new version. May I suggest two features. Maybe they are already on your dev list. Anyway...

1) Possibility to define several folders to be synced. Example: the folders @drive@\one and @drive@\two being synced together to the folder @myBackupDevice@\Backup. The desired result would be that I have the folder 'one' and 'two' in @myBackupDevice@\Backup. As far as I understand this can not be done with the current version. Just define @drive@ as source does not work because I have @drive@\three there too and I don't want folder 'three' to be backuped too.

2) make it possible to rename and delete saved profiles/tasks. I can currently do it by editing the ini files. But UI would be nicer... Wink

Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work..


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will be able to do this by including @drive@ and then telling it to exclude everything apart from the two folders you want. Deleting will certainly be added, I hadn't actually thought about renaming, I'll see what I can do.

Oh and I'm glad you like it Smile

Thanks for your work,
I'd like a new feature, a mix between secure and Sync.
In other words leave intact the file in the source folder and put the crypted file in the output folder.

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interesting idea, you won't be able to do this in the initial release, but you will be able to write a little script that first syncs the files and then encrypts them, although I'll think about adding what you would like in a future version.

Hi again,
Another interesting feature would be to have a log of the results, or even better the chance of receiving a mail log.

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not sure that I see what you mean, you already get a log that can be saved, emailing is an interesting idea, I'll look into it.