SeaMonkey, Portable Edition Support

Many of the most common issues that arise when using SeaMonkey, Portable Edition are addressed here. Please read through the various topics to see if any of them address your question. You can also post a question in the Other Apps Support Forum.

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Adding GPG and Enigmail

SeaMonkey, Portable Edition has built-in support for GPG and Enigmail to sign and encrypt your messages. To add GPG to SeaMonkeyPortable, just download GPG Plugin Portable and install it via the Platform. You can also manually install it to the CommonFiles directory relative to SeaMonkeyPortable (X:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\GPG while SeaMonkey is within X:\PortableApps\SeaMonkeyPortable ) or directly to the SeaMonkeyPortable \App\gpg directory after removing the existing files. Then download the Enigmail extension and install it into SeaMonkey. When you restart SeaMonkeyPortable, you'll have full access to Enigmail and GPG, all made portable. To upgrade GPG for SeaMonkey, just do the same again.

Using a Second (or Third) Profile with SeaMonkey Portable

A second profile can allows you to setup another set of settings (calendars, tasks, preferences, etc) for Sunbird Portable that you can use independent of your main settings. This is useful for sharing a flash drive with someone, testing extensions and configuration options or separating our work from personal details.

To use a second profile, install the SeaMonkey Portable 2nd Profile 2.0 app in the same PortableApps directory that SeaMonkeyPortable is in (so, if SeaMonkey Portable is installed to X:\PortableApps\SeaMonkeyPortable, you'd install this to X:\PortableApps\SeaMonkeyPortable2ndProfile). In the Menu, it will show up as "SeaMonkey, Portable Edition 2nd Profile". You can easily rename it to something more useful by right-clicking and selecting rename. When you run it, it will start SeaMonkey Portable up with your second profile without affecting your main profile. You can even install a 3rd or 4th profile by installing the 2nd Profile app again to another location (like X:\PortableApps\SeaMonkeyPortable2ndProfile_Copy_1 so the platform will automatically upgrade it) and then renaming it in the Menu.