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Copyrights and Trademarks


Most applications published by PortableApps.com are released under open source licenses. They may be freely copied, redistributed and modified within the terms of the licenses applying to each product. The Mozilla applications (Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird) may be freely copied and redistributed in their unaltered binary installer form (in the digitally-signed PortableApps.com Installer made available by PortableApps.com), but modified or repackaged versions with the Mozilla-trademarked names or logos may not be redistributed without permission from the Mozilla Foundation.

Some applications packaged by PortableApps.com are freeware and made available under specific unique licenses. These applications may be redistributed in their unaltered binary installer form (in the digitally-signed PortableApps.com Installer made available by PortableApps.com or made available by the publisher directly), but modified or repackaged versions will require permission from the publisher as well as PortableApps.com.


The icons for the individual applications are all copyrighted (and sometimes trademarked) by their individual owners and may only be used appropriately with their application or with copyright-holder permission. All are used on this website and in the menu and other applications with the permission of the copyright/trademark-holder, or within the confines of the appropriate application license. The folder icons included in the Platform are from the NuoveXT set and are licensed under the GPL. Most icons within the application directory and the forum icons are from Oxygen Icons and are dual-licensed under the GPL and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Some additional icons are from Tango Icons. Certain icons are modified by PortableApps.com (Web Editors, FTP, Telnet, Antivirus, Synchronization, Contact Us, Forum Icons, etc) and are released under the same licenses, with the attribution being to Oxygen Icons and PortableApps.com. The Linux penguin is copyright Larry Ewing and used with permission.


This website and its theme (graphics, etc) are copyrighted by Rare Ideas, LLC.

Trademarks and Trade Dress

All trademarks associated with the applications are owned by their specific owners as indicated on the application pages. PortableApps.com®, Your Digital Life, Anywhere®, the various portable application mottos, etc are registered trademarks or trademarks of Rare Ideas, LLC. The website theme and themes shipped with the PortableApps.com Platform/Menu are trade dress of PortableApps.com and Rare Ideas, LLC.