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All our new app releases are listed below. You should also check out our updated app releases and news...

Date New Portable App App Type
Mar 01, 2015 New: Xonotic Portable 0.8 (fast-paced FPS game) Released Open Source Release
Jan 15, 2015 New: MediaInfo Portable 0.7.72 (media information utility)... Open Source Release
Nov 10, 2014 New: Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition, Portable 35.0a2 (... Open Source Release
Oct 10, 2014 New: Caesium Portable 1.7.0 (image optimizer and converter... Open Source Release
Aug 30, 2014 New: Solfege Portable 3.22.2 (ear training program) Released Open Source Release
Aug 06, 2014 New: Duplicate Files Finder Portable 0.8.0 (find and remove... Open Source Release
Jul 28, 2014 New: Transmission-Qt Portable 2.84 (bittorrent client)... Open Source Release
Jul 15, 2014 New: CherryTree Portable 0.33.4 (hierarchical note taker)... Open Source Release
Jun 04, 2014 New: PngOptimizer Portable 2.4 (optimize PNG files) Released Open Source Release
May 14, 2014 New: LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) Portable 1.0.2 (music... Open Source Release
May 09, 2014 New: RegAlyzer Portable (registry editor) Released Freeware Release
May 02, 2014 New: Pushover Portable 0.0.5 (falling domino puzzle game)... Open Source Release
Apr 19, 2014 New: TAudioConverter Portable (audio converter... Open Source Release
Apr 03, 2014 New: GPU-Z Portable 0.7.7 (graphics profiler) Released Freeware Release
Apr 02, 2014 New: CPU-Z Portable 1.69 (system profiler) Released Freeware Release
Mar 30, 2014 New: The Legend of Edgar Portable 1.15-1 (2D platform... Open Source Release
Mar 20, 2014 New: 2048 Portable 1.0 (numbered tile puzzle game) Released Open Source Release
Mar 14, 2014 New: PDF-XChange Viewer Portable (PDF viewer)... Freeware Release
Mar 08, 2014 New: LazPaint Portable 5.6 (image editor) Released Open Source Release
Feb 17, 2014 New: Q-Dir Portable 5.96.1 (quad pane file manager) Released Freeware Release
Dec 31, 2013 New: Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Nightly 29 64-bit (... Open Source Release
Dec 04, 2013 New: Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Aurora 27 and... Open Source Release
Oct 30, 2013 New: Ekiga Portable 4.0.1 (softphone, video conferencing,... Open Source Release
Sep 02, 2013 New: HWiNFO Portable 4.22-1970 (detailed info about your... Freeware Release
Jul 27, 2013 New: ManiaDrive Portable 1.2 (acrobatic arcade racing game... Open Source Release
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