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Twitter Account Change, @PortableApps for new apps, stories, big updates. @PortableAppsAll for everything

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Submitted by John T. Haller on June 5, 2013 - 12:33pm

We wanted to take a minute and let everybody know that we're splitting up our twitter account into two accounts. Now that we have over 300 apps, pushing every app update announcement to Twitter makes the channel a bit too much of a firehose, too much for some Twitter fans. And the volume will only increase as we keep adding apps. So, we've decided to split things up into two Twitter accounts.

The @PortableApps Twitter account will continue to be our main account. There, you'll find announcements of new apps, status updates, product announcements, and major app upgrades. The volume of posts will be lower, along the lines of our Facebook page and Google+ page. The decreased volume will make it easier for us to interact with our fans on Twitter, too! We'll also be adding in some regular blog posts about general portable app news and some how-tos this summer as well.

For fans who'd like to see every app update announcement, we're introducing a new @PortableAppsAll Twitter account. This account will show every story we publish on new apps, every app update, stories, product announcements, etc. It's a handy way to keep on top of everything happening on via Twitter. We'll also continue to publish all of these on our RSS feed as well.

That's it for now. We'll see you on Twitter!



My name is Fred Pierce, John, I'm a systems guy by trade. In the mid-80s, I became a millionaire from a product that eliminated formal programming for most common business and personal software. I "got in bed" with the wrong partners and the business went down leaving me a single parent pauper.

I tried to bring my system up under the early Windows versions using VB4. Back then, the primary database functions I needed wouldn't work under the flaky MS Windows system.

In 2010, John, I was screwing around with a VB4 task bar I had originally written for the first Windows versions. I decided to again test the database algorithms I needed and they worked! I bought VB6 and began porting my system to the Windows environment.

Which brings me to the chase, John. My package is revolutionary, John, it removes you and I from the development cycle for most common business and personal computer solutions. With my system, the solutions designer uses and electronic piece of paper (Notepad or better Geany) to create a "process" that is interpreted and run by a small "runtime."

All that is required for a successful computer solution with tcbPortable is, expert knowledge about the business at hand and familiarity with navigating the tareget OS involved.

"Target OS" changes the game, John. As you must well know, John, selling or introducing software is a hard sell against major providers such as Microsoft. It is always easier to sell a customer or investor something that they can touch and feel, John.

I/we are introducing something I call a TCB Avatar. It is a bootable USB drive, flash drive, portable hard-drive, a hard-drive, or a CD/DVD. A TCB Avatar uses selected flavors of large legacy and Puppy distributions of Linux or BartPE to boot from.

Even better, John, multi-boot Avatars are available that let you select from a choice of OSs to boot from. all using the same tcbPortable, Portable Apps, and data storage. I have selected a small 4gb device containing tcbPortable and 60 selected portable apps.

(John, my own development and personal systems reside on a 1.5tb portable hard-drive with 14 boot options with a separate 1tb portable hard-drive to back up the 1.tb data and apps partition on my main drive. I am writing this using portable Firefox under Linux Ultimate Edition.)

Here's the big thing, John, most of the portable apps run faster and better than Windows using Wine with Linux! And, John, updates run amazingly fast! I use a cell phone for a wireless Internet connection. My download speeds using Windows runs from 30 to 60 or so kBs. Under Linux (tested Ubuntu and Ultimate), speeds run from 200kBs up to 2.5mBs! Consistently!

That last fact is what has finally prompted me to contact you. John, the products I have will generate billions in profits and equity (stock). What I would like to see happen is an association of you and portable apps developers (selected ones or not or maybe give each papp developer a piece of the huge pie?) create a group dedicated to seeing how to max capitalizing on this opportunity and moving the vision foreward.

My old opportunity left me broke but CEO and president of a publicly reporting company that was going down. In return for not making noise to the SEC about the mis-management (fraud) of the company. So at the last board meeting, all outstanding stock was returned to the company and I was given control. I guess I kind of have a public shell, Computer Storage and Technology, Inc., in my "back pocket."

John, I am looking for "the break" and that means a deal of some kind. A deal means that I want 51% control of whatever venture and my partner(s) get 51% of the profits, that's a 50/50 deal. The partners must be prepared to provide the business expertise and funding necessary to move the vision forward and be able to show "good faith."

TCB is easily private labelled such that OEMs like Dell will find it far less costly, much more efficacious, and far more attractive to bundle our system with their equipment than Microsoft's garbage. I think we can go head to head with Microsoft and win. They just will never be able to match our price point, features, and support (free!).

And then there are specific vertical markets (now dominated by IBM, Accenture, etc.) we can easily address and who are aching for a more cost effective solution and customer solution than what they are saddled with and probably paying through the nose for.

If we get "in the game" it's "Katy, bar the door," John. I checked for anything like this vision on the internet in 2010 and the closest thing to tcbPortable are the RAD offerings for programming.

John, all of you guys have done a fantastic job. There are a lot of "elegant" applications. I believe TCB presents an unparalleled opportunity for you-all. I would love to be able to see all the work and dedication you guys do, finally rewarded.

I hope that you will be willing top share this vision, John, and I hope you will present this to your associates.

makpiya (fred)