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John T. Haller's blog Status Update (2011-02-11): New Apps, Platform Progress, Site Status and More

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Submitted by John T. Haller on February 11, 2011 - 6:02pm
It's time for another ' Status Update' on what's new in the last week. We've got new apps, an update on the platform progress, some more site performance tweaks, new development tracker tools and more. Read on for the details Status Update: 62 New Apps, Site and SourceForge Issues, Platform Delay, Moving Forward

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Submitted by John T. Haller on February 1, 2011 - 12:18pm

Welcome to another status update from As a lot has been happening over the past month and a half, we thought it would be a good idea to do an "all-hands" status update so everyone know what's been going on behind the scenes. There's been some good (62 shiny new apps, LibreOffice from The Document Foundation), some not so good (site performance issues) and some bad (a SourceForge outage and a platform release schedule delay). The good news is that the daily app releases continue, the site performance issues are fixed, the platform work is continuing and the SourceForge fixes are progressing well. We'll be announcing any major developments as well as the platform release on our RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, homepage and in our newsletter, so keep an eye on one to find out right away. For the complete details, please read on...

64-bit Software: Where It Fits Into Portable Apps

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 25, 2010 - 11:48pm

64-bit software has been in the news a bit more lately as the number of people using a 64-bit version of Windows has been increasing. Windows 7 has seen a 46% install rate of the 64-bit version compared to only 11% under Vista (and less on Windows XP). As a result, many people have been wondering how 64-bit software fits into the concept of portable software. We've had a few discussions in the forums amongst the development staff and users and come to what we think are the right conclusions. And, since we just released our first hybrid 32-bit/64-bit app that didn't necessarily need to be (see: 7-Zip Portable), I thought it would make sense to get our conclusions all down in one place for those that are interested.

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Try Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 out today with Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 6, 2010 - 8:29pm

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 development is well under way, with the final release due later this year. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the most significant user interface update in years. Now that the first beta of 4.0 has been released (today, actually) we can all get a glimpse at what's to come. But, what if you want to try it out without worrying about altering your happily-stable installed version of Mozilla Firefox? Well, in that case, you can try out Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 1!

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Preview the 2.0 Platform

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Submitted by John T. Haller on July 1, 2010 - 9:52am

Greetings fellow portable-appers!

(UPDATE: Platform 2.0 Beta 5 has been released, so now you can try out many of these features today.)

As we've had a lot going on both publicly and behind the scenes lately in the countdown to 2.0, I figured the best topic for my inaugural blog posting would be a preview of the upcoming 2.0 platform. For the new users, the Platform is the glue that lets you tie all your apps together. It currently consists of the Menu; which has the ability to install and uninstall apps as well as manage your icons, check your drive for errors and more; and the Backup Utility which allows you to backup and restore your documents, portable app data (bookmarks, email, settings, etc) and your entire portable device. The 2.0 platform is adding an array of new features including a brand new theming engine, file associations, portable fonts, categories and other icon arrangement options, an integrated updater, platform extensions, FULL Unicode support and more. Today, we'll be exploring a few of the new features that will be appearing in 2.0, many of which will appear in Beta 5!

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