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[Idea/BetaScript] Firefox running portably with ahk script

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[Idea/BetaScript] Firefox running portably with ahk script

I am only writing this because I know how confusing Nsis can be, especially since it really hard to find info about certain code uses. So I propose one in autohotkey which has great documentation, and anyone could learn the basics in about 2-3weeks tops. so here is my code to redirect the profile and if anyone wants to help, we can make a launcher so users have more choice than just nsis.

RunWait, "%A_ScriptDir%\App\Firefox\firefox.exe" -profile "%A_ScriptDir%\Data\settings"

If this in anyway is violating something, then someone tell me, but I think it would still be great to have the launcher code out there for those who would want to use it. I also hope that us users who use ahk could participate in this and make a truly portable app that would deal with registry, and other files that should not be left behind. Biggrin

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That doesn't really come close to what the NSIS launcher does. What you're doing can be accomplished in a simple batch file. Or an NSIS script that is just as simple:

Exec `"$EXEDIR\App\Firefox\firefox.exe" -profile "$EXEDIR\Data\profile"`

You'd need a couple lines to hide the window/icon as with AHK as well.

The complexity in the launcher isn't due to NSIS. NSIS is extremely easy to learn as is AHK. The complexity is due to what the launcher does. It does a lot more than just launch firefox pointing at a profile.

Plus, Mozilla has approved our use of NSIS as the launcher base as it's something that they also work with. Anyone doing launchers with something else is probably on the wrong side of Mozilla's trademark policy (and thus the law).

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Anybody who want to

Anybody who want to redistribute FF with any changes has to ask Mozilla anyway, so AHK or NSIS - trademark policy has nothing to them.

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