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Portable Firefox reads registry

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Portable Firefox reads registry

Hi there

My PC is a Lenovo T61p with Vista Ultimate SP1. Lenovo has a pre-installed "ThinkVantage ClientSecuritySolution" (CSS). Part of that (crap) is a Password Manager (PWM) that integrates itself since the newest version as an Add-On in Firefox over the following registry entry:



"{FCF36B88-1BBA-487f-B64B-D2E8980A9293}"="C:\\Program Files\\Lenovo\\Client Security Solution\\PWM Firefox Extension"

Until the latest update of the ThinkVantage stuff I wasn't even aware of that Password Manager. But then FF didn't start with a visible window anymore. I had to kill the process with Sysinternals' Process Explorer.

After a bit of google about Lenovo's CSS and its PWM I found out about the registry entry and that the newest version of PWM seems to be buggy.

I started FF in safe-mode and it did show up with a window and so I could disable the new entry of PWM in the Add-Ons and after that FF did work again as allways.

The funny thing is - and that's why I post it here: all my Portable FFs (Version 3.0.3 and 3.1beta on USB stick and on hard disk) did as my locally installed regular FF. They all didn't start with a visible window. They all did start however on my DELL/Win XP and again did't back on Lenovo/Vista.

After deleting the mentioned registry entry all FF portable and otherwise start again without a hitch.

The conclusion is: the Portable FF reads the local registry!

Does anyone else notice such behavior?


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it does

it backs up the local key (if it exists) and restores it on exit.

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