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Openoffice 3.0 has been released since 13th October.Is there any program to create portable version?

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Its right here -

Its right here -

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Status of OOO 3.0

Are we to assume that the OpenOffice 3.0 preRelease 1 is the official Portable Apps version of OOO 3.0? I was under the impression that pre Release may not have all of the final changes that were included in the final OOO 3.0 production release.

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It's our pre-release. We test major releases like this for a couple weeks in portable setups to ensure we get everything right before the final release (rushing out big apps like this in multiple language packs is a bad thing). OOo had betas and release candidates leading up to 3 final. We're packaging 3 final as a pre-release (our term) during testing.

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I installed OOPortable 3.0 to a network drive. I use it as a way to access office docs from various servers without installing the office package on each server. In the past 2.4 it has worked. Now 3.0 keeps crashing. But when I install it to my portable hard drive it works fine. Any Ideas?

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Please ignore my post on running OOProtable3 from a network drive. Pre-release2 seems to have resolved the trouble.

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OOo v3 won't start version 3 Portable beta 2 doesn't start from the menu. :-(((

I'm using Suite Lite into which I installed the current beta of OOo v3 portable. I removed some of the launchers (because I never those things independently of Calc, Writer or Base). On an old, sadly lost, lost this worked for OOo v2.4.

If I go to the App\openoffice\program sub-directory and run swriter.exe from there then OOo v3 starts straight away.

EDIT: Should probably say this is running on XP Pro machines. (I tried more than one.)]

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3.0 where nobody is looking for it

John, and all the others working on this,

thank you for doing great work on these releases. I understand from this thread and some subsequent research that you rightfully feel you have released OOO 3.0 - you have a link pointing at a release candidate that, comparing the build nos., indeed is the same as the current release.

I fear, however, that the broad public, consisting of semi-foolish users like me, thinks that after a month it is still unreleased. The main page points to version 2.4.1, the link, buried in the forums, points to a version designated as a release candidate. If all work is really already done, why not make it public by pointing the start page at it? It should be only the smallest effort, making all the big effort complete.



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