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IntelliLaunch Binaries :D

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Submitted by OliverK on November 7, 2008 - 10:21am

Hookay, I've created binaries for you guys. Course, only certain people are going to read the blog Biggrin So only a few are going to know.

Alright, I've tested most of the stuff. Registry is checked and config is checked. Now, I'll let you decimate what's left.

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away . . .
Okay, so you are asking yourself, "Just what the chicken finger is IntelliLaunch? Why the seashore do I care about it?"

IntelliLaunch was a couple of things. A challenge to myself to see if I could actually pull of something this complex.
Most importantly IntelliLaunch is a end-user program portabilzer. It is a no-compile, INI configured, PAM compatible shell(?) program.

By configuring the INI properly, you can portablize almost any program.

Download the first ever IntelliLaunch Binaries Released
1.5 MB Download (Give or Take) | 2.88 MB Extracted | Final Size: 2.88 MB + your program Biggrin
MD5: 4728b401e0e64e0d7d000f749edf0792
Right now, it comes in a nice and shiny self-extracting zip file.

All the icons are going to show up the same, but if you rename the executable, the name will change.

Also included is a simple bug reporter in App\BugReporter. Please use it. It gives you a briefing on what you need to include for a bug report.

There is a help file in the main directory. Read it. If you don't read it, I guarantee that your usage will fail.

Getting More Help
If you want real-time chat, I hang out in #portableapps alot. If we can't get a word in edge wise, then head over to #intellilaunch. Both are on the freenode network.

In the future
I plan to add:

  • I way to pass additional parameters to the program. That's actually already there, but I want you to be able to pass them through the ini.
  • A better bug reporter. Something like a enhanced notepad
  • A syntax highlighter program that helps you to configure the ini
  • Witty Comments to the source code Biggrin


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IntelliLaunch is a program launcher/portabilizer. For it to function correctly, you must place a configuration ini in the data folder.

You also need a program that you would like to have portable. I am working with Benawsome to create a user-uploadable configuration repository.

Here's a demo ini that I created to handle 7-Zip:

#IF YOU DON"T USE A VARIABLE LEAVE IT AS FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#Normally, you should leave "CheckRunning" set to true

#Utilize "True" or "False" for each settings storage place.
#Do from HKLM\Software, ie. "Software\AppName"
#DO NOT INCLUDE THE FINAL SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#For Location_# Specify the location of the file from the Luancher's directory
#For instance, for a file in App\Appname\AppConfig, set Location_#=App\Appname\AppConfig
#For Config_File_#, specify the name of the file.






#Set to "True" if you want the files to adjust the path for you

#Set Path from the AppNamePortable Directory
#Seperate indivual paths with a ";"
#AppData redirect has been known not to work


Place it in the data folder with the title configuration.ini
And thanks for noting my misspelling Biggrin

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That sounds promissing but apparently a bit complex to use. Do you have any doc on how to build a configuration.ini file? It looks like I'd need to know all the registry keys used by the program to create it - is that right?

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Yes, it is complex. Drat!
There is some documentation included in the package, the help.html. Its is also online here. There's also going to be a wiki hereBut, unfortunately, I haven't devoted time to getting the documentation on the wiki.

Yes, you will need to know the registry keys. You can do that with RegShot, or ProcessMoniter(or?). I'm working on getting videos up to show how to read a regshot or to use (pitifully) ProcessMonitor(er?).

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Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world

What about an option like Config_File_Count=# and then read that number of [Config_File_#] subheadings. This would make the configuration.ini file cleaner (if there were less than 6 files) and would cater for programs with many config files.

Note: I don't know if this is possible but is just a general suggestion

EDIT: also a configuration.ini creation wizard would make portabilisation simpler

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The idea for Config_File_Count=# is a good one, I'll have to put that up as list of new ideas for the release after the next one (do to some things).

I would like to make a wizard/GUI for the use of generating the configuration.ini. However, my time is somewhat limited. I will try to do this over Christmas Break.

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Too many bridges you can burn
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this is awesome, but the App_Data_Redirect option didn't worked for me too. I hope you haven't stopped developing IntelliLaunch.

Regards: Aron

Hi. I often always have trouble with that myself, and I'm not sure what, in fact, is causing the problem. I haven't stopped developing it, I just haven't had much time to work on it. Thanks for testing though.

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Too many bridges you can burn
Too many tables you can't turn
Don't wanna live my life in the real world