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TBird Portable not exiting cleanly

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TBird Portable not exiting cleanly

I've noticed of late that clicking the "Eject" button on my menu (I'm on PAM Mod R31 I think), then asking windows to stop my flash drive generates an error message along the lines of "Windows was unable to stop this device. Please try again later"

Closer inspection reveals that thunderbirdportable.exe and thunderbird.exe are still showing as running processes on the task manager, taking up about 750Kb and 15Mb of memory respectively.

I'm assuming that thunderbirdportable.exe isn't exiting properly, although I'm mystified as to why thunderbird.exe is running alongside it. I'm just curious as to whether this is an indication that my TBird portable install, or the PA Suite is slightly corrupted??
The drive in question is a Corsair Voyager 16Gb job, full of all sorts of odds n sods, mp3's, pdf books, etc. All the important stuff is backed up, so data loss isnae an issue, and I'm planning on formatting the drive anyhow as I want to try PAM Mod R34, plus remove a few apps; just curious about what might have gone wrong here.

Many thanks for any answers to my ramblings Smile

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I don't know a lot about TBP,

I don't know a lot about TBP, but I know how mine works.

When TBP is launched, ThunderbirdPortable.exe is the file being executed. This a a fairly small file - 146K. I would think that it would not do too much. This pobably just launches the main application in the \App\Thunderbird directory called Thunderbird.exe. This file is more substantial - 8.3Mb.

My system also shows both files running with ThunderbirdPortable.exe taking up about 3.8Mb memory and Thunderbird.exe taking up about 26Mb.

When I exit TBP, the window shut down immediately but the 2 executables persist for some time. I would guess the length of time would depend on the CPU speed. On my maching it takes 5-7 seconds for the executables to shut down.

If you try to take out the USB drive before these executables exit you must get that error. I have found that error quite difficult to remove. Even found Windows Explorer being open the cause.

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