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si.Mail is an open source client written in Delphi.
It was made completely aware of running of USB stick in lates versions. The only thing that gets written to host sytem are temp files in Temp folder, but that's cleaned after application is shutdown.
Initial size of app and it's libraries is 5MiB, but it can be brougt down by 900KiB, if you remove spellchecker dict folder + siMailSpell.dll.

# Html message view,
# MAPI, e-mail aliases support
# Theme support,
# POP3, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, IMAP*, (yahoo, hotmail,...)* access through plug-ins,
# Multiple account support,
# Preview Mail on Server,
# Automatic attachment compression,
# Colorize possible dangerous extensions,
# Remove of dangerous html tags before putting message to html viewer,
# Multiple profile support under one Windows account(profile),
# Plug-in support for importing and exporting of messages and address book,
# Use anti-virus application to verify attached files before open/save
# SSL & TSL connection,...
# Use plug-ins and view / print attached files directly from si.Mail (image, video and audio plug -in available)
# store attachments in seaparte folder, so messages file can be smaller up to 33%
# advanced message search
# advanced pre-download, after-download and after-send filters
# RSS, Atom feeds support
# unique mailbox that shows messages from last 24hrs
and a lot more...

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Had a quick trial of this app and it looks good. Thanks for the link. Its funny that there are so many "no-install" or "portable" apps out there but they take a bit of finding. The wiki of "Portable Apps" is quite comprehensive but there are obviously a lot more out there to find. I like to check "" for apps but even they can not keep up with all the good stuff available.
Thanks to all contributors to this site!
Regards NMC

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