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Help: All my bookmarks disappeared!

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Help: All my bookmarks disappeared!

Today, I unplugged my Titanium SanDisk Cruzer and an error message came up quickly for only a second saying "corrupt file" or something to that effect. When I plugged my drive back in and opened Firefox Portable, all of my bookmarks on my bookmark toolbar had vanished and there is nothing in the folder either. The last time I backed up was in Sept. Is there anyway to recover these files and what do you think happened?

It may be important to not that i am using the extension: "Favicon Picker 2" which allows you to upload favicons as bookmarks on the toolbar. But I've been using this for months now.

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Firefox backs up your bookmarks for the last 5 launches for Firefox 2:

Firefox 3 is less likely to have an issue. With that, here's the process:

Your profile is X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile

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