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Portable Firefox Proxy

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Portable Firefox Proxy

Can someone make another proxy that works for firefox???

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Proxy List

Here is a RSS Feed with 100 Proxys. [LIST]
The Alternative is to use a Webproxy.
For Example two are [HERE]

Every Proxy works with Firefox. You just need to configure it.

Please don't use it for bypassing a firewall.


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Why Not?

Why Not? That's usually the point in proxy, right?

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haha win

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Any in English

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as mentioned...

there are many proxies that work with firefox. I have a feeling by your question, that you've used a proxy or two with firefox, and they either didn't meet your needs, or didn't work for you.

Can you be specific about what it is you're looking for in a proxy for firefox?

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i think he means...

a proxy config url, not a web based proxy. i kinda want one too so i dont have to go to a website and use there slow a## services.

(the config url would allow you to browse through proxy without needing to do anything other than place the config url in the right place in the settings once. in case you didnt know :D)


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probably automatically adding to your entered url for example
and then you are working via proxy?

well yes this is something I can imagine useful for some people.

but otherwise I see there are lot of proxy selectors as addons on the mozilla site.

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Personally I use some public

Personally I use some public SSH shell accounts, or I use my personal SSH daemon I currently host on my home computer. To quickly activate and deactivate the proxy settings, I installed the QuickProxy extension for Firefox. Non-obstrusive, quick and clean.

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what i meant was...

if you go into the network settings, there are all of thoes nifty network proxy definition boxes, but under that there is one box that you can enter an auto config url that will transmit and recieve all browsing through the server on the other end.

The difference:

the net proxy settings allow you to define a specific way to enter the net from your comp on your corprate network.

the autoconfig url allows you to connect and browse the internet through someone else, kinda like how a web based proxy works.

i said that i thought that he wanted the autoconfig url.


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Many ways to do this

First, download GProxy, Gpass, and ultrasurf.

Install Gproxy in firefox, run gpass or ultrasurf, and there you go.

Gpass: Pros: Can be logged in forums that check ip against cookie. Easy to use. Actually has help line.
Cons: Slow sometimes (Ping gets up to 300 to 900 min sometimes)

Ultrasurf: Pros: Fast. Somewhat simple
Cons: Can't submit forms (IE login) sometimes. Dosen't work with Ipbfree forums (logs you out each time). First time you run it, a big fat lock is on the screen (you can disable it)

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