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Search is no longer working

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Search is no longer working


First, I wish all of you (and your family) the best for 2006.

Since a few days, the standard search (next to the address bar in Portable Firefox) is no longer working.
I can type a query, I can press "Return" on the keyboard, but nothing happens.
The icon of the search (by default is Google), it no longer visible. And I cannot change to another search engine.

When I rename my profile, and work with the one that came with the installation of Portable Firefox, the search works. So something is wrong with my profile.
Does this mean I have to create a new profile? Or does someone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

John T. Haller
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Happens in regular FF, too

This happens often in regular FF, too. I can't quite figure out why, though. Often, if you visit Google itself, it will then be working ok.

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