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Create Blank Disks or Images 12/04/2008 Beta 1

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Create Blank Disks or Images 12/04/2008 Beta 1

I am a Newbie at this programing stuff.i made this program to make blank disks or images.

I need some help With the custom part of the blank disk creation part.
you can use the disks and images on vMac, Eliminators, etc.
Also how do you make the beta testing splash screen?
if there is any problems comment and i will fix them ASAP.

Download in zip:

[Downloaded 20.7KB/Installed 56.0KB]
Download in Self-Installing EXE:

[Downloaded 50.5KB/Installed 56.0KB]

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I downloaded, installed and executed your program and according to AVG Free 8.0, your program contains a trojan identified as:

Trojan horse BackDoor.SmallX.VX

Is this a false alarm or is it intencional?

BTW, you should try learn how to program C++.

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its a false alarm i have avg

its a false alarm i have avg to and i get the same thing but other anti-virus systems says it doesn't contain a virus.

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1) Your tool doesn't really do much... all it does is call fsutil.exe which is a Windows built-in tool for making blank disk images anyway, and can do far more! You need to ask yourself, "Why would the user want to use my tool instead of just using fsutil.exe directly?" Currently I cannot come up with an answer for this.

C:\Documents and Settings\The MAZZTer>fsutil file createne
Usage : fsutil file createnew
Eg : fsutil file createnew C:\testfile.txt 1000

2) You should consider your next programming challenge to make your program write the files itself. It is not hard, I don't know what language you're using, but all you have to do in C++ is fopen() the file, fwrite() the specified number of bytes of 0s, and then fclose() it.

3) Your batch files all assume that 1gb = 1,000,000,000 bytes. This is not true.
1gb = 1,073,741,824 bytes. Similarly, 1mb = 1,048,576 bytes and 1kb = 1024 bytes.

4) Your batch files are all over the place and disorganized, and have no standard names. One batch file even simply calls another!

5) Your batch files use a hardcoded path to store the images instead of using the current directory, which would be expected.

6) You seem to need help with custom.vbs. Try this to run fsutil:

dim WshShell = new ActiveXObject( "WScript.Shell" );
WshShell.Run("fsutil file createnew " + size);

(I've never done VBS before so I'm not 100% sure about concatenation of strings.)

7) If you want to make a GUI application I would recommend googling for "Visual Basic 2008 Express" as it has a visual drag-and-drop interface for making GUIs. The VB.NET syntax is similar to VBS but it is far more powerful. However if you do make a GUI application using that be warned that it will require the .NET framework to be installed on the system it is run on.

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Per you comment on #6 above,

Per you comment on #6 above, I got yer back... Wink

Dim size
Set WshShell = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
WshShell.Run("fsutil file createnew " & size)

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im going to try to write it

im going to try to write it in c++

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