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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on February 24, 2008 - 3:55pm
Just a quick little post with a preview of the new preview system for Secure. The red lettering indicates that the file will be ignored. And the best thing about this new system is that its very fast, in fact the component (wxVirtualDirTreeCtrl) only looks down two levels by default so you wont even notice a delay you click the preview button. Enjoy!


Love toucan (latest version as of today)...even after my loss but I lost a load of folders recently on a mirror sync.
A read a similar problem in this section but I'll relate this in case it is different. I must point out before I start that that I did not preview the results first, and that maybe I do not understand mirror sync...but if I made the mistake than I am sure others will too. Folder names changed to make it easier, it goes like this.....
Drive C has a folder called Z. Z has lots of subfolders. Having copied Z to an external drive G, I regularly sync update Z to G using Toucan. G has four other folders A, B, C, D.
After a while I decided that I needed a mirror, just to get things exact. I cleared G of the sync update folder Z defragged and was left with A, B, C, D. on the external G drive. I then selected Z from the C drive and told Toucan to mirror it on the G drive. I had 10 gigs of data so left it and came back later. I did not find what I expected. The C drive was fine. The G drive was not. Folders A,B,C,D were not on the G drive and neither was folder Z. Instead the CONTENTS of folder Z, i.e. all its subfolders etc., were on the G drive , but not folder Z itself. I checked the Toucan log. It told me what had happened. When I had highlighted folder Z to mirror to G, toucan had mirrored the CONTENTS of folder Z to G and then removed those things that did not match, namely A,B,C and D. It appeared to have treated drive G as folder Z. Not catastrophic I have backups and unerase tools, but not what I expected. As I said at the start, perhaps I do not fully understand mirror, but if it was my mistake, I think it is an easily made one and maybe something which warrants looking at. Thanks, still loving Toucan though....just not mirroring anymore!

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so the problem was that it did the content of the folder and not the whole folder?