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Custom Search buttons missing from Google Toolbar

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Custom Search buttons missing from Google Toolbar

One of the cool features of the Google Toolbar for Firefox is that you can create a custom search by right-clicking on any search engine's text input box.

I have like 10 such custom searches in my toolbar, but they are all missing if I run my copy of Firefox Portable on another machine.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Thanks, K.

J Neutron
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On the host machine?

It sounds like the stuff that you need is being stored on the host machine. When you use the FirefoxPortable, it accesses that data. If you move to a different host machine, it can't get at that data.

You should probably look at the way that it stores the data and see if you can change it to reside with your portable apps.


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EspaÑaks (not verified)
Yes. It seems to store the

Yes. It seems to store the custom searches(at least) in the PC. I asked the same in this post. I afterwards installed on my PC a local firefox copy & when "googled" for toolbar I found a beta wich syncronizes your data with the Gservers & had better compatibility with Gservices. WARNING:I suddenly ran firefox & found out that all my gbookmarks were off, so me careful!!!

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Why not use Googlebar. It works portably and has pretty much all the same features as the official version from Google.

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some help needed

I know the toolbar stores the custom search buttons on the host machine, that's kind of obvious.
Specifically, it stores an XML file for each button in
"C:\Documents and Settings\[USER PROFILE]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Custom Buttons"
I've checked the toolbar's source code and here is how it determines the storage dir in toolbar.js:

	var directory, platform=GetPlatform();
	if (platform==1) {
	} else if (platform==2) {
		directory.append("Application Support");
	} else {
	if (!directory.exists()) {
		try {
		} catch(ex){}
	return directory

G_File.getSpecialFile = function(loc,opt_file) {
	var file=Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIProperties).get(loc,Ci.nsILocalFile);
	if (opt_file) {
	return file

So, does anyone have an idea how to trick the toolbar into storing the xml files inside Portable Firefox's Data directory, preferably without changing the toolbar's code?


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