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GnuCash Portable 2.2.8 Revision 2 Pre-Release 1

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Shawn Faucher
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GnuCash Portable 2.2.8 Revision 2 Pre-Release 1

Application: GnuCash
Category: Office
Description: GnuCash is a full featured accounting package originally developed for Linux and recently updated with cross-platform support for Windows. Its features include double-entry accounting, QIF/OFX/HBCI import, online banking support, reports and graphs, scheduled transactions and more. This release fixes a bug with upgrades not re-applying necessary portablization fixes correctly in all cases, as well as another bug where the drive letter was not updated correctly for data files stored outside the GnuCash profile folder.

Download GnuCash Portable 2.2.8 Revision 2 Pre-Release 1 [45.8MB download / 102.1MB installed]
(MD5: afb8647c34266eae72ecca9fc06ef548)

Release Notes:

Revision 2 Pre-Release 1 (2008-12-30):

  • Fixed bug with updates not re-applying fixes if the launcher version did not change. The launcher now checks the package version from appinfo.ini as well.
  • Fixed bug where GnuCash did not change the drive letter for the data file location in history if it was not stored in the GnuCash Portable profile directory.

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Runs well

Thanks Shawn,

Have tested it extensively - runs well. Thanks for getting Portable GNUcash 2.2.8 out so quickly.


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