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Open Office 2 - nicer/ faster/ better than 3?

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Open Office 2 - nicer/ faster/ better than 3?

Well: everything seems to peak. Remember how lovely DOS 3.30 was and how awful 4; how much nicer Office 2003 is than the horrendous 2007; how useable XP is and how un-useable Vista?
I feel the same about OO 2 as compared with OO 3 which is bulky, unnecessary and so S-L-O-W. Can anybody point me back to a source for
please? Thank you very much.

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As with all our apps, the legacy versions are available from SourceForge by clicking the SourceForge icon under Download Details on every app's homepage. Within there you can click download, browse all and then select the app of your choice. Keep in mind that legacy versions aren't supported any longer.

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The new interface in office

The new interface in office 2007 seems pretty logical to me. And the new formats (even incompatible with older versions) are A LOT smaller than the old ones. And vista isn't un-usable. The only thing that makes vista worse than XP is the removed DOS compatibility. But the world is evolving. (PS: Try windows 7 - a lot better than vista).

Anyway don't say that older versions are better. Sometimes they are, but not always.

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