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Is there any security against key-logging?

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Is there any security against key-logging?

Sorry folks, I’m not very learned I guess.
My thumb Drive & I will be touring the Pacific for several months (no laptop), browsing with FF.
Cyber Café’s will be my interface to the world.
Is there any method/tool recommended to reduce the chance of someone picking up my keyboard banking access data?

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Hello concord I use this

Hello concord

I use this program that you could install in your USB device without problems.

The program is called: KeePass Password Safe and you can download from this site===>

The program is available in multilanguage versions and is open source

For an extra security also use this plugin On-Screen Keyboard

download from this link ====>

Just make a folder and copy the program (i suggest to install first in your home pc, configure, test, customize and when you feel ready to use, just copy all the files in the USB folder, when you update a password in your home PC, just copy the "database.kdb" file in your USB device.... that's it!

If you need more help... just ask in the forum, tell us how you did.

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USB Key Logger Security

Many thanks for the reply and suggestion(s)!
I'll give it a try and report back to the forum.
As you can imagine, I'd hate to return home to learn my banking accounts had been emptied.

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Using KeePass securely

KeePass is a great program, but it's not keylogger safe. If you're using a PC of dubious trustworthiness it would be better to use copy/paste instead of auto-type as KeePass does protect against clipboard spies. As for on-screen keyboards, I view them as snake oil.

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OSKs are indeed snake oil in this case. Keyloggers capture keypresses. All an OSK does is emulate keypresses: the same signal is sent to the OS as if you pressed the actual key.

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There was one program (I

There was one program (I can't remember its name) that had an OSK specific to itself. That's probably keylogger safe.


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