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Adding folders

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Adding folders


Is it possible to create folders in menu to sort the various shortcuts for example by subject (Internet, Productivity, Games etc. ..). Otherwise would it be possible to add this option in a future version.

Nevertheless thank you for the work poduit.


J Neutron
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Before the election

This should be available in the next version which is rumored to be available before the (US presidential) election.

running and ducking for cover.....


neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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Be nice, John's posted the

Be nice, John's posted the reasons for the delayed release and they are good ones.

As Jim says this feature will be available in the next version when it is ready.

Currently it is available in the menu mod r34 available here. But you should note that the mod is not officially supported by

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I get the feeling this next release and I are going to get along very well... whenever it is done Smile

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