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OOo Quickstarter

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OOo Quickstarter

First, thank you for a wonderful site, and even better set of applications!

I'm having an issue with PortableOOo 2.0.1 on Windows XP. When I start up the program using the launcher, the OOo Quickstarter also launches. This would not be an issue, except that even after I close the Quickstarter, Windows won't let me un-mount my USB Drive. I get the error message "The device (Generic Volume) cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later."

I checked the Task Manager, and there didn't seem to be any unusual processes running. Any advice?

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Quickstarter On?

Do you have the quickstarter turned on in the settings within Portable Or, perhaps is OO.o installed locally and set with the QuickStarter on?

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It was the settings issue, I think. I unchecked "Load quickstarter at startup" and re-booted. The problem hasn't recurred since. Thanks for the help!

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I often have this

I often have this problem.
It is actually a known bug/ feature in OO itself. Have a look at the following for more info (raised in 2003!):

If you kill Quickstart and 'soffice.bin' in taskmanager, then this might work... otherwise reboot!


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