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[Theme] Black_PA with Tux theme

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[Theme] Black_PA with Tux theme

This is my black PA theme keeping the original concept
with an added Tux from

The Tux is just an added jpg, hidden in the theme folder and not part of the theme.

[Preview] -
[Download] -

This is v1.0,

v1.2 coming soon with different folder and menu icons

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Adobe Photoshop CS3?

Adobe Photoshop CS3?

Chris Morgan
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Illegal software...


Likely to be from a certain known source.

emperorkk: if it is the one I think it is (likely), please also note that the copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 which you left in that screenshot has - from reports received in our live chat support - a lousy launcher which goes and destroys a fair bit of the user profile. Use at your own risk, knowing that it is illegal software. You'd do much better to use GIMP Portable or my Inkscape Portable. They're actually supported - and are legal.

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Space used

I would suggest changing the 'drive_space_slider' image to black, in that picture the red bar saying how much room you have used doesn't match the rest. (i love the colorize filter, fast and easy).

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