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Infra Recorder inproperly buring live cd

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Infra Recorder inproperly buring live cd

Okay I had my ipod with infra recorder on it connected. I was burning linpus linux( ) to a cd to try out linpus. I am planning on getting the Asus Eee Pc and I am not sure to get Linpus or Xp. During the boot When the kernel would start it said
wmlinux/(I forget)
and than it would stop. It sounded like my cdrom was trying to restart over and over. The cd was a little scratched up but it was blank and infra recorder did not eject it like many of my cd's. I have very little cd's. So after that I put in my slax linux cd and it worked perfectly fine.

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The latest release of Infra

The latest release of Infra Recorder used a different burning backend that previous releases, and it seemed kind of buggy. The author of infra recorder is already aware of the issues and will be switching back to the old backend for his next release.

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I'm not sure if I have the

I'm not sure if I have the latest one. I have been using the same one I burned a perfectly fine slax linux cd 6-8 weeks ago.

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@Travis: Perhaps we need to go up to IR 0.46.2?

My IR was happily burning CDs and DVDs, and now it hangs at the image creation stage.
No burning or image creation possible!

There's a new version available on, version 0.46.2.

Here's the release notes:
Notes: * Fixed a bug causing the disc file system creation process to hang on some systems (for real this time). * Fixed a bug causing a custom temporary directory not to be used. * Fixed a start-up maximization bug.

I know it's bad form to request an update to an app so soon after the release, but the app is currently unusable for me. I've even done a fully clean DL and install of the latest Portable Apps version of IR, and it's still not working. Apparently it's also happening to others "on some systems", with the normal install of 0.46.1.

Unless I drop back to 0.44 - but I hate going backwards!


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