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Two points: Moving prog on flashdrive; installing to CD-R

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Two points: Moving prog on flashdrive; installing to CD-R

I have downloaded openoffice portable to a flash drive. Winwget has all the download information in the info window. Can I create a folder on my flashdrive and move openoffice into this folder. Or would this create a problem because of the information retained in winwget?

Reagrding running from a CD-R. I intend to create two directories. Store the original programme (openoffice.exe portable) in one, then click on the exe file and attempt to install the openoffice applications in the second directory. Is this plan liable to succeed?

If you are wondering where I intend to store my data files, I will store these on my pc when working at home, and on a flasdrive or floppy when on another machine, then transfer the data files to my pc later.

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see my comment on clamwin..

openoffice has to be in one folder to keep your personal settings. If you´d like to use java portable in common files folder see the instructions for OOo and java on this site. Of course you can put your documents, calculations an so on whereever you like. There´s only a path problem because if you use different document folders at home and at work you have to adjust the path everytime you change the place or you create the same two paths for your documents.
Last thing: don´t use too long paths or a path with spaces in it for Openoffice, because there´s a bug that prevents it from working, then.
Easiest way is using the menu platform with openoffice in the right place and the document folder, because the drive letter/path will be adjusted on every menustart..

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