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Portable ObjectDock?

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Portable ObjectDock?

Is it possiable for someone to make Stardock ObjectDock( portable?
The free version maybe or even the full version. Maybe the free version would be eaiser, cause of licenses and stuff. Im new to this stuff so dont pick on me. lol Smile

Bruce Pascoe
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Yeah, regardless of which you use (free or paid), you still run into licensing issues because it's commercial software. Ah, the joys of copyright and intellectual property. If you want it to be portable, you'll have to do it yourself, since it would be illegal to distribute it.

Copyright laws suck. Sad

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Would it be realy hard to

Would it be realy hard to make it portable? Like i said im new. The only thing that id realy have to change i think is where it puts the application data for setting and stuff.:? Its puts it into the Local Setting folder.

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That ...

That might be helpful

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Aqua Dock

Try Aqua Dock ( freeware ) just Google it, it should be easy to find.
Install it to your PC then copy the program folder over to your USB, you can then uninstall it from the PC if you wish.
When you run the dock from the USB drive create shortcuts as normal by dragging the exe onto the dock, then right click the shortcut on the dock to customise the icon and edit it as follows.
Remove the drive letter and leave the work folder empty too.

E:\Some program becomes \Some program

Regards NMC

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