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I guess I should first ask if it's possible to make an MMORPG possible, and if so could someone make a free MMORPG called Maplestory portable? (Or could someone teach me how to make a MMORPG portable?)

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If you install the game and copy the files to your USB drive, you can run it without any problems. The only thing is that loading speed is extremely slow as it loads the information from your USB drive.

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I tried it, and I get varied

I tried it, and I get varied results. On one system, it wouldn't even get past the inital loading. On another system, I could get so far as to see my character, but it wouldn't let me connect.

In both cases, the error that was given was something to the effect of, "The game doesn't have the correct files. Please download the latest client."

Any hints? I'm wondering if you tried it just on the same system that you initially installed it on, or if you tried several different systems.

Also, I'm wondering if it's just a registry thing. Like, if I brought my intial registry entries with me, would it work?


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Ok, here's another hint

Ok, here's another hint along the line of MS on USB...

There's this program called Registry Rapper ( )

Use that in conjunction with RegMon ( )

And I tried to get MS to work on my USB drive, but I still couldn't.

It still said the game data is incorrect, or whatever.

Any other ideas?


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someone made GuildWars

someone made GuildWars portable:

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