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Miranda: 0.7.17 ?

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Miranda: 0.7.17 ?

There were a couple of quick updates to Miranda - .15, .16 and .17. I noticed that .15 portable was set up a few days after the .15 application was released. I don't think there were earth-shattering changes, just said windows compatibility IIRC. But I have this general question... who does the ports to portable apps? Any user that feels like it and is capable of generating the .paf.exe?

Second question. Is the .paf.exe. simply a way to integrate the install? If I install 0.7.17 on my hard drive, and copy appropriate files into the right places under the portableapps structure - does that perform the same function?

Thirdly - there is a place to sign up for a monthly newsletter that was supposed to list new applications as they are added. I signed up, never got anything, and now I just looked and saw there was only an initial newsletter, one time. Am I missing something? Or was this just a an idea that turned out to be too much effort to keep up? Maybe that sign-up page ought to be removed or modifed?

P.S. This is my first post. I just set up my account... I do not see my signature in teh post, nor a setting to add it or not - it sounded liek it should be automatic. Is this just my view, because I posted, or is the signature not added?

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HI and welcome here :)

Most of the Applications are done by the guy who started the whole business, John Haller. So its up to him to update them. I know that he is busy getting the new Platform released so that might be why other Apps aren't up to date. Some Apps are done by other developers (like me :)), you find the name of the guy in charge of the Application on the Application's page.

I recommend reading here about the paf format. After being asked by another user, John Haller explains it a bit.

On your account page, there should be a subscription section where you can manage your newsletters. But as you noticed, they aren't monthly yet - I think we had two in the last 6 months or something like that.

P.S. If you post a new post, your signature isn't added. If you post a comment, it is.

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Thanks for the response. It

Thanks for the response. It was one of those days... I installed the .15 version, and when I started up again ICQ had issues - and of course I thought it was the .15 version. But it was the service... so I started looking around for details. I thought 3 version within a very short time indicated the 1st one had issues that were fixed in later ones - I yet have to find these Wink

Signature - weird... but I see that indeed it is added to the reply Smile

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you can update miranda easyly

you can update miranda easyly by extracting the zip file over the mirandaportable\app\miranda\-folder

zip: -->

but don't overwrite your mirandaboot.ini!

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