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I'd like to run an entire PortableApps suite from CD...

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I'd like to run an entire PortableApps suite from CD...

Is it possible?

I'd like to create a CD that can be loaded on any PC and be up and running with everything need to surf the web and manage documents with OpenOffice.

I know Firefox can be run that way, but what about the rest of the stuff in the suite?

Thanks in advance

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Many of the apps have notes that discuss this.

But why not try it out yourself?
CDs are cheaper than dirt - and you can probably use a CR-RW to test it if you need to tweak it.

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None of the settings are going to be saved and the apps are going to keep saying that it can't write it's settings with pop-ups.

I seriously don't recommend it.

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Most of the apps have an option "RunLocally" in their INI files. Read Other\Source\readme.txt for more information (in X:\PortableApps\AppNamePortable). To use this, first of all set up your settings as you want them - after putting it on a CD you'll not be able to change them again (other than by manually rewriting part of a CD-RW/CD+RW). Then, copy the AppNamePortable.ini file from Other\Source to the directory in which AppNamePortable.exe is, and change the RunLocally line to RunLocally=true

Many of the newer drop remove this functionality though, and off the top of my head I can't remember what they do instead - whether they ignore it and do it anyway or just don't support it. You'd need to try it.

By the way, it'll be a lot faster in instances like this if you search... unfortunately in this instance, as you see if you follow the link, the three-character minimum length for indexing ruins that... try this.

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