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Impress - autofit text

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Impress - autofit text

I use OOo on my Ubuntu linux box, and use portable OOo to display my Impress presentations on windows. On my linux box, OOo 3 has an "autofit text" option for the body of slides, which adjusts the size of the text automatically when it exceeds the size of the text box. You can enable to option by right-clicking the text box (it appears between Text... and Position and size...), but this option isn't available by right-clicking in portable OOo and I can't find it in the menus either. When I display presentation that I created using this option, the text is cut off (as far as I can tell the option shrinks the display of the text, but doesn't change the font size, so it displays at full size in portable OOo). Is there a way to set portable OOo to autofit the text as well?

Thanks - Bill

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Autofit works fine, but..

On Windows 3.0.1 (installed and portable) we have a "Fit To Frame" feature in Impress. Either right click on the frame and see "text" right below default, or see Text... right below Area on the Format menu.

But maybe you are experiencing a template issue (as I think of it), so before you go to the help item:

I note that on some "templates" that maybe came from who knows where, this doesn't work. The "text" menu item is greyed out or missing. But, if I draw a new text box on an existing slide it or start a new slide and add text, that new item or new slide then works fine as described in the help below. The original items remain grayed out for the text menu.

There may be something obviously different in the frames, or an obvious way to "fix" it, but I'm not that familiar. Maybe it only proves you're not dreaming!


Search for "add text" and open that, then look for "Adding Text" in the list and open that. Then on that page see the "Fit text to frame" item nearby). It's something like this:


Fitting Text to Frames

1.Create a text frame. The size of the frame determines the size of the text.
2.With the text object selected, choose Format - Text. (or, right click and choose Text). The Text dialog opens.
3.On the Text tab page, clear the Fit height to text checkbox, then select the Fit to frame checkbox. Click OK.

Note that resizing the frame will resize the text.


Maybe what we think are regular frames that we're selecting are something a bit different?

## If you find a "solution" post back. You might have more luck up at


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