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Adding Adobe Flash Player to FF Portable

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Adding Adobe Flash Player to FF Portable

I am using portable Firefox from my USB stick on university-owned computers. When I try to use Google Anayltics to determine usage statistics of a website that I am presiding over, all the images which should be graphs are replaced with green jigsaw pieces advising me to install a missing plug-in. I try to do this and I'm told that it cannot be done automatically and instead must be done manuallly. So I click on the 'manual' button and I am taken to the Adobe Flash Player download page. I download the file and then what? How do I make it so my portable FF can access things requiring Adobe Flash Player?

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Have you tried the procedures

Have you tried the procedures in either of these 2 topics:

Flash Plugin for Firefox Portable 0.1 (Functional Test Release)

Firefox Portable and Adding the Flash Player Plugin/Addon/extension

If so, were there any errors ?

For future reference you can find information like this, and much more, using the search feature in the upper right hand corner of every page,

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