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Rebuilding Firefox Profiles. Interest?

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John T. Haller
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Rebuilding Firefox Profiles. Interest?

I just helped a friend rebuild a Firefox profile after they crufted it up pretty good. (installing and uninstalling lots of extensions can do that) I was wondering if there were interest in having a how-to on fixing FF profiles and, possibly, a rebuilder that would save out your cookies, passwords, bookmarks, etc, and rebuild the rest of the profile (sans extensions). Whaddya think?

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I think the FEBE extension by Chuck Baker does exactly that. But to know how to go about it manually will sure be interesting for the geeks.

Ryan McCue
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Bruce Pascoe
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Could be a neat little utility. I say go for it.

Also, yeah, instructions on how to manually rebuild a corrupt profile would be great for the less knowledgable users--preferably as part of the FAQ.

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Geek it up!

I'm all for it!



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