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GIMP: Working with 2.6.6 GEGL

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GIMP: Working with 2.6.6 GEGL

In Windows, It appears this GEGL Tool causes GimpPortable to crash....It also crashes Gimp 2.2.6...G'MIC seemed to work in GP but not Gimp

After reloading both to 2.6.5 GimpPortable still crashes using GEGL...while Gimp is just fine....

John T. Haller
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GEGL doesn't work at all in my testing of the current Windows build, so it shouldn't work in the portable version either. GEGL is very pre-1.0 so it's not surprising. It should be avoided for now.

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How to remove

I decided to trial GEGL in my portable install a while back andjust remembered I had it installed. Anyone know how? Advocate

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