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Menu Spacing

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jackson twobears
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Menu Spacing

I fill the Bookmarks Toolbar at the top with rows of folders. When I click on a folder and the menu drops down, the spacing between the bookmarks is alot wider than with Firefox 1.0.7. (This also applies to the regular menus - file, edit, view, etc.)

Is there a way to narrow this space? I want to see the full set of bookmarks in each folder that drops down (like in FF 1.0.7) without having to scroll below the bottom of the screen. Thanks.

John T. Haller
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Firefox Itself

That's the way Firefox 1.5 and up are setup. It isn't specific to portable.

Different themes will have different spacing, so you can check others out.

You also may be able to do a custom userChrome.css file. It lives in your profile directory within the chrome folder (in FFP, that would be FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\chrome). You'll need to Google around a bit for how to use em. I've never used it myself. It's a bit of a hack. Ask on mozillaZine since this is a more general Firefox question.

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Bruce Pascoe
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I don't know, I like the wider spacing in 1.5. For whatever reason, it makes the UI seem more polished. Sure, you can't fit as many bookmarks in a folder, but if you have enough bookmarks in a folder to scroll off the screen, you should separate them into further subfolders anyway. I daresay this is the case even in a lower resolution, like 800x600 (my personal preference).

Granted, I hated it at first, too. It seems to be an acquired taste. In any case, once you get used to it, you won't like the thinner menu items anymore.

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