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Cannot download files

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Anonymous (not verified)
Cannot download files

Hello and thank you for your Portable Firefox, it's great. I'm using v1.5 and I've noticed a small bug. When clicking on any download hyperlinks on webpages, I receive a Windows error.

"C:\DOCUME~1\MyUsername\LOCAL~1\Temp\filename.exe could not be saved, because the source file could not be saved. Try again later or contact the server administrator."

For some odd reason it wants to save the file on the hard drive inside the Temp folder. This error does not occur with the old v1.0.7. I have checked in Tools, Options, Downloads, Download Folder, and the configuration is set to "Ask me where to save every file". This is the same configuration that I have always used in v1.0.7 and it downloads files ok.

Is there a configuration file somewhere in v1.5 that I need to update or change?


wanderer (not verified)
Re-downloaded PortableFirefox

Hmmm...I just re-downloaded the program and this one downloads and saves the files ok. I must have accidently corupted some file(s) somewhere. Weird.

Erukian (not verified)
on a fresh install i can

on a fresh install i can download files, then i get the same error listed above after just using the browser. I wiped my profile directory (replaced it with the default one from the zip) and it went away.

I installed no extensions, i use the quicktime dll's and adobe reader pdf plugin dll.

Can't figure this out..


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